2019-2020 Images of the Month

Here are the winning images and scores from the October 2019 competitions. Download the complete scores for October here. Individual scores for October can be found here.

Oct. Theme - Dancers

Image of the Month: George Hansen, Three Fates
Honorable Mention: George Hansen, Jump

Black & White

Image of the Month: Annette Collazo-Comito, Bermudas

Honorable Mention: Annette Collazo-Comito, Warrior Dancer

Altered Reality

Image of the Month: Chris Moore, A Sharp Eye

Honorable Mention: Annette Collazo- Comito, Dream Dog


B Group

Image of the Month: Ramon Richards, Single Butterfly
Honorable Mention: Peter Moore, Japanese Iris

A Group

Image of the Month: Paula Pillone, Long Wait

Honorable Mention: Ray Green; American Water Lily

AA Group

Image of the Month: Annette Collazo Comito, Ants at Work

Honorable Mention: Bob Feldman, The Twins