2017-2018 Images of the Month

Here are the winning images and scores from the March 2018 competition. Download the complete scores here.

Theme - Leaves

Image of the Month: Bob Feldman, It’s A Leaf

Honorable Mention: George Hansen, Hypercolor Leaves

Black & White

Image of the Month: Anastasia Tompkins, Street Scene Jerusalem
Honorable Mention: Raquel Gonzalez,Stair Curves

Altered Reality

Image of the Month: Lisa Castro, Walking Bullie
Honorable Mention: Hec Stephens, A Light in the Darkness

B Group

Image of the Month: Barbara Kapatenakes, Daltry in Action
Honorable Mention: N/A,

A Group

Image of the Month: Chris Moore; CALTAR HR
Honorable Mention: Lisa Castro, Brooklyn Smile

AA Group

Image of the Month: Veronica Saunders Textured Red Flower
Honorable Mention: Harvey Augenbraun, Mulhallend Point