2017-2018 Images of the Month

Here are the winning images and scores from the February 2018 competition. Download the complete scores here.

Theme - Religious

Image of the Month: Raquel Gonzalez, Bikers on the Road

Honorable Mention: Paula Pillone, Into the Night

Black & White

Image of the Month: Rudy Finelli, Reaching for the Stars
Honorable Mention: Raquel Gonzalez,Breakfast Time

Altered Reality

Image of the Month: Gloria Abraham, Daisy
Honorable Mention: Anastasia Tompkins, Rainbow Flower

B Group

Image of the Month: Ray Green, Catching the Train
Honorable Mention: Barbara Kapatenakes, Flower & Bees

A Group

Image of the Month: Raquel Gonzalez; Touch of Rust
Honorable Mention: Raquel Gonzalez, Motherly Love

AA Group

Image of the Month: Harvey Augenbraun Dragonfly #2
Honorable Mention: Anastasia Tompkins, Masai Mother & Child