2020-2021 Images of the Month

Here are the winning images and scores from the Sept. 2020 competitions. Download the complete scores for September here soon.

September Theme - "I’m so bored I tried this"

Image of the Month: Barbara Kapetanakes, Butterfly Waves
Honorable Mention: Lisa Castro, POTUS

Black & White

Image of the Month: Lisa Castro, Hidden Beauty

Honorable Mention: Hec Stephens, Middle of Nowhere

Altered Reality

Image of the Month: Chris Moore, Christmas Bell

Honorable Mention: N/A,


B Group

Image of the Month: Ramon Richards, Fashion

Honorable Mention: David Feldman, Silver Hydrant

A Group

Image of the Month: Chris Moore, A Dandy Lion

Honorable Mention: Doreen Rose, Framed Calla 

AA Group

Image of the Month: Veronica Saunders, Glowing Tulip

Honorable Mention: Suzanne Carter, East River Sunset