Ellis Island photo shoot March 23, 2019 at 10 am

Cost: $200/person to be paid by check (payable to club) or cash at February 2, 2019 meeting. We have nine (9) slots open and a waiting list will be available for March 31, 2019 if needed.
Travel by ferry: www.statuecruises.com at $18.50/person

The sessions begin at 10:00 AM and are designed to last approximately 2 ½ hours or so. The vast majority of your time will be shooting time in the hospitals.

Equipment:Tripods & lighting are allowed on our Photo Sessions. While photography is allowed on our regular Hard Hat tours, photographers are limited to hand-held shooting only.

Tour Size: 10 guests per Photo Session maximum. The hospitals are best shot in smaller groups, and a 10 guest maximum insures that there will not be overcrowding.

Our Photo Sessions are held in the abandoned hospitals and are led by a Save Ellis Island Guide. Hard Hats are required, and you must stay with your group at all time

There is a waiver you will need to bring with your payment. Email Suzanne if you don’t have it