Bylaws, Rules & Instructions

Check out the latest Club Bylaws:

  • Bylaws (revised August 2016)

If you are competing in our monthly competitions, please make sure to read our current Competition Rules.

To enter your images, you’ll need to upload your images by the required date. Please read the upload instructions. Any questions, please email Competition Chair David Feldman.

2017-2018 Themes

Here are the themes for our 2017-2018 Season Theme competitions

•Sept. 2017: Flower buds, or just budding
•Oct. 2017: Reflections
•Nov. 2017: Night Photography
•Dec. 2017: Birds
•Jan. 2018: Religion (the prominent subject or theme must be religious in nature)
• Feb. 2018: Leading Lines
•March 2018: Leaves
• April 2018: Abstracts (See Theme page for explanation)
• May 2018: Seascape

March. 2018 Winning Images